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SeaBUG is a users group for Open Source Unix based in Seattle, WA. Our primary emphasis is on BSD but enthusiasts of other Open Source Unix such as Linux are welcome.

The size of our group is about 100 members and growing.

SeaFUG was formed in early December, 1998 as a group for FreeBSD enthusiasts. In early 2003 the group was renamed to SeaBUG to widen the audience to other BSD enthusiasts in the Seattle area.

People interested in joining the group should start by joining the mailing list and introducing themselves (no lurkers please!). Next - come to one of our monthly meetups. Are you an advocate or posess some talents that might help our efforts? Let us know...volunteer opportunities will be forthcoming.

Volunteers Needed!

The SeaBUG group is currently seeking volunteers to help with the following.
  • Board members - more needed to help organize meetings and weigh-in on important topics like how the meetings are run, what the agenda is, appropriate topics, etc.
  • Coordinator - coordinate meeting presenters and topics.
  • Advocate - promote the group by exchanging web links, posting meeting announcements and working with sponsors.
  • Treasurer - collect donations, bookkeeping.
  • Refreshments - bring refreshments to the monthly meetings (reimbursed).


Thanks to webmaster Mark Foster for hosting the website, providing refreshments and arranging meeting presenters.

Thanks to Jeremy Reed and Puget Sound Technology. Jeremy runs the mailing list and leads the meetings.

Thanks to Brian Hatch of Onsight for hosting the mailing list.

Thanks to Bryan Phillippe & f5 Networks for providing the excellent meeting venue.

Domain registration for is generously donated by Philip Hallstrom.

Don't see your name or company listed here? Let me know -mark

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